about us

Beetlejuice London has a Secret. 


Passion.  Our designer’s zest for color, dimension and of course...tons of passion is the platform for all creations.  Beetlejuice uses exciting trims and fabrics, combines them with a multitude of vibrant prints and embellishes them with the most intrinsic detail to create every piece.  Vibrant, Youthful, Chic, Sophisticated, Fun, Colorful and often whimsical are all synonymous to the brand Beetlejuice. 


For over two decades Beetlejuice London has developed a unique and individual personality associated with its styling and design.


Today Beetlejuice continues to pioneer a legacy in the world of  kids and girl’s fashion.


Ever Evolving. Always Exciting. Forever Alive.


Every piece is shipped with our very own secret, as we continue to master the art of fun.


There is only one Beetlejuice.